Jessica Wachter is here for individuals who want to make lasting impressions…


…but feel the weight of everyday living - a constant influx of mandatory, but mundane tasks - leaving them with very little time or energy to consider the extra touches that would make statements and elevate experiences.

Ultimately, causing these individuals to feel chronically uninspired. This is unfortunate because everyday living should not be mediocre!

Jessica Wachter Art is not simply a static piece on a wall, but a powerful living presence in a space that can elevate your life to new levels of beauty and inspiration. Jessica Wachter Art will not only bring more color into your space, but will also breathe more life into your world. And will leave all who witness it with a lasting impression of your joy of living.

Jessica was diagnosed with the learning disability, dyslexia, in second grade. She was confused by the term disability, though, because she knew she could learn. She had an active imagination and was learning all the time, but she just couldn’t take in information and process it the way she was told she should. She spent countless frustrating hours with tutors outside of school and special teachers and programs and protocol in school. But it didn’t change the fact that every time “Popcorn Reading” was done in class, she was filled with anxiety and embarrassment. She felt constantly misunderstood. She knew she was smart, but she had a difficult time finding ways to show it.


So, naturally, she wanted to prove everyone wrong and be a success. The problem was, in the conventional sense, she had limited skills. She felt like she was a victim of dyslexia and didn’t see how she could ever be successful.

But she kept moving forward.

She knew she may never experience the success she desired, but she didn’t want the reason for that to be that she didn’t try. So she enrolled at a university and declared an Interior Design major. She hoped her keen eye for colors and shapes, strong visual memory and passion for beautiful spaces would be enough to carry her through. She gave the Interior Design program all she had to give, but got completely burnt out to the point where her health was in jeopardy.

Something had to change so she decided to put her Interior Design degree on hold and she shifted her focus to her Art minor. She had always loved art and had excelled at it in high school, but she really fell in love with it, in a whole new way, in college.

She discovered her passion for the abstract expressionist style of painting and for the first time in her life she realized that although she struggled to read and write…


She certainly knew how to convey herself through the language of color, texture, scale and brushstrokes.


She didn’t have to explain herself in art. She quickly realized she could not only be successful at something, but she could be successful at something that she loved and came to her and through her without so much struggle.

There was a huge shift during that time in her life from being ashamed of her dyslexia to being grateful for it.

She realized that that difference in her made all the difference. Meaning, she realized the greatest gifts she had to give were a result of her unique way of processing and seeing the world. Although that difference caused many struggles in her life, it became clear to her it also guided her to her authentic path.

She dove, headfirst, into the world of art. She experimented. She created many amazing works along with a lot of bad art. She began to trust her instincts and her intuition. She began to gain confidence in who she was and what she had to offer. She graduated with an Art major and an Interior Design minor and has been a professional artist ever since.

As with any unconventional path, her journey has been riddled with obstacles and setbacks. However, she is always reminded that she can trust her instincts and that her success will never come in conventional ways. And she is finally at peace with this reality. She knows now that she has never been a victim of dyslexia. Instead, she has her own unique ways of learning and processing and perceiving to thank for guiding her to a path of raw creation and soul-level expression.

She has also realized that, as with any worthwhile path, her journey is never-ending. In order to sustain and expand her success, she has no choice but to keep reinventing her creative expression and rebirthing herself in the process.

That is why her art is not simply a static piece on a wall, but a powerful living presence in a space. It symbolizes our collective journey - the journey that everyone is on to transcend what is holding us back and to become more clear and more confident in the unique passions we harbor and important gifts we have to offer the world. The journey we are all on to elevate our lives to a new level of beauty and inspiration.


Her hope is that her art not only brings more color into your space, but also breathes more life into your world. And leaves all who witness it with a lasting impression of your joy of living.


Jessica Wachter is a highly-acclaimed abstract expressionist artist based in Bismarck, North Dakota. Her mixed media and oil on canvas work is strongly gestural and often large in scale. Her work contains personal celebrations, struggles, joys, loves, and losses conveyed through the use of color, texture, and composition. Working with abstraction, Jessica seeks to imbue the work with a tangible essence while keeping it open for the viewers’ own response.

Jessica’s pieces reside in public and private collections throughout the world. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the United States. Hosts to her work have included, among others, the International Art Basel Event in Miami, FL, Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, in Laguna Beach, CA, the juried Celebration of Fine Art show in Scottsdale, AZ and the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND. Jessica and her work have been acclaimed in major publications and media throughout the United States.